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The Performing Arts

Since the start of the Summer Term of the last academic year, the progression in Performing Arts within Castle Hill Academy has been nothing short of amazing.

Pupils have been involved in several public performances, both to invited guests and within the local community as a part of the 2019 New Addington Carnival. Our pupils have showcased outstanding musical prowess and we are excited to see where this takes us next.


With Performing Arts now being used within our curriculum – alongside the Imaginative Learning Projects, pupils are being exposed to and involved in a large amount of theatrical training and practice. Within each topic, pupils will take part in at least one lesson of ensemble singing, character creation and devising, script writing, physical theatre and exposition of the performing arts industry, both past and present.

Children will have the opportunity to develop their skills across all disciplines of the performing arts industry, exploring the worlds of voice, music performance and creation (working in collaboration with Croydon Music Services), production, acting and dance. We hope that by creating a broad skill set and varied range of practices we are able to inspire every student with the arts.  

Music Provision

At Castle Hill Academy, we pride ourselves on our ability to be inclusive. This in turn has resulted in provisions to allow every student to access music regardless of needs.


In partnership with Croydon Sound Start and Sound Progress, students in Years 3 and 4 are invited to partake in weekly instrumental sessions involving the ukulele, classical guitar and keyboard.

The children are able to develop practical performance skills along with music theory knowledge with their curriculum, as well as exposure to multiple genres and styles. 

Students will also be taught to think more deeply about how music fits into our world with links to culture and mental well-being. 

We are also delighted to announce that 'Pandemic Steel Orchestra' have now taken up a residence within the Performing Arts Department. Full information about this amazing group and their sessions can be found at​.



The vocal ability of the students at Castle Hill Academy has certainly been something to celebrate. We have witnessed an incredible amount of talent come to light through the introduction of our musical theatre extra-curricular activities, which we know will continue to grow this year. I am delighted that the Caste Hill Academy Performance Society will now be taking up a permanent residence within our numerous after school activities, alongside our highly anticipated School and Community Choirs.

 As an associate of the London College of Music, I am very excited to introduce students, years one to six, to vocal technique and repertoire from all genres, both for solo and ensemble performances; as well as this, I hope to educate our students in good vocal health practices and a strengthened knowledge of music history.


We are very excited to welcome drama and acting to life at Castle Hill Academy. With the introduction of our ‘Drama and Debating Club’, we will equip students with new skills in communication, public speaking, script writing and performance.

We look forward to introducing our children to the world of stage and screen with performance opportunities across the year. Students will explore the works of a large variety of playwrights, screenwriters, directors and theatrical practitioners, creating a strong knowledge base for their next steps.