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Half-term book challenge

We have set a fun book challenge for our pupils this half-term.

Pupils can choose from the following:

  1. Find a picture and make up a story to go with the picture.
  2. Choose a book you loved when you were a baby and read to someone.
  3. Read out loud to your mum, dad or grandparents.
  4. Read a book outside (in the garden, park, etc).
  5. Read to your pet or a soft toy.
  6. Read a bed time story to your mum or dad instead of them reading to you.
  7. Draw a picture from your favourite book.

Please do ensure your child brings a photo of their completed challenge when they return to school. It can be a photo of them reading their favourite book!

We look forward to our pupils' completed challenges.

half term book challenge poster 2021.pdf