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Admissions information

'Enhanced learning provision' is a term that is used to describe specialist provision in a mainstream school for pupils with a significant level of special needs. Admission to an ELP is through Croydon Council’s SEN team.

To make an application and for further information, please see the following links: 

Please contact the Croydon SEN team at:

     Tel: 020 8604 7263;  email: 

The Oak centre at Castle Hill Academy provides pupils on the autistic spectrum a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in order to support their social and emotional development alongside developing their academic skills.  Access to mainstream education is facilitated through personalised education plans.

We have an individualised approach to support our pupils in accessing the primary curriculum offer. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that links with the mainstream school so that pupils can access all of the Primary curriculum as well as the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at Castle Hill Academy.  We also provide a high level of support through specialist teachers in the Oak centre alongside access to a comprehensive programme of pastoral support.

All mainstream and Oak staff receive training on ASD-based approaches and strategies. Effective sharing of resources and ideas across both our ELP and mainstream professionals ensures that a wealth of experience is tapped into on one site.