Castle Hill Academy Castle Hill Academy

A Platanos Trust School




Pupils will be rewarded according to their CHABOP score.

CHABOP stands for:

  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Organisation
  • Punctuality

Pupils will be awarded MERIT POINTS for good behaviour and a positive attitude. Poor behaviour will result in DEMERIT POINTS.

A high CHABOP score will win prizes and the opportunity to take part in exciting additional activities.

A low CHABOP score will mean not being awarded with prizes and not being allowed to take part in exciting additional activities.

Pupils will be able to monitor their own CHABOP score so that they can see how their behaviour is linked to their progress.

Pupils start off each new term with a fresh chance to build a good CHABOP record.



Each pupil will achieve a score every term. This data can be sorted or filtered in a number of ways.

  • Individual pupil scores
  • Class/tutor group scores
  • House group scores
  • Year group scores

Whole school pupils’ scores can be compared six weeks to six weeks across an academic year. Graphs and charts can be generated for use with parents/carers, in school reports, target setting and so on. The data can be used by managers to monitor effort, progress and behaviour throughout the school. A monetary value could be applied to the scores. Pupils can see how their efforts and behaviour helps their “stock” to rise and fall.