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House System

Our House System for pupils is an aspirational system that reflects our belief that every pupil can succeed. We expect our pupils to go on to be business leaders, engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, researchers and so on. Our pupils can be future politicians and world-wide campaigners should they choose to work in those areas.

ATTITUDE DETERMINES ALTITUDE – with the right attitude and hard work, they will succeed.

The Houses centre around the inspirational people that have achieved great things in our country and are some of Britain's most prominent historical figures, who we believe our pupils can emulate.

There are four Houses:

  • Queen Elizabeth II (Blue House)
  • Isambard Brunel (Green House)
  • Winston Churchill (Yellow House)
  • William Shakespeare (Red House)

Pupils learn about their house figureheads - their achievements, their lives, their legacy and how they have overcome their challenges in order to succeed.

All pupils take part in House Captain elections through a ballot and have many opportunities to participate in House competitions and gain CHABOP merits for their House.